Instructors: Professors Peter Doran (pdoran@uic.edu) and Carol Stein (cstein@uic.edu)

Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00 to 3:15

Place: SES 2418

Description: This course explores advanced water-related topics, from high elevation lakes, down to submarine and crustal waters. The course is split into two parts. The first part will be taught by Professor Doran and will focus on surface and groundwater processes (see list of potential topics below). The second part will focus on topics in geological oceanography (see list of topics below). The second half will be taught by Professor Stein. The course will be largely based on readings and critiques of cutting-edge papers in the respective fields, and student presentations on these papers. A term paper is required for each half of the course as is a presentation on the paper topic.

Grading Scheme:

Term papers (2) 50%

Seminar presentations 40%

Participation 10%




Aug.24 & 26

Review of basics in Physical Hydrology/Limnology

Aug.31 & Sept 2


Sept. 7 & 9

Tuesday- submit 1st term paper topic in writing

Sept. 14 & 16


Sept. 23 & 25

No classes

Sept. 28 & 30

Thursday — 1st term paper due.

Oct. 5 & 7

No class on Thursday!

Oct. 12 & 14

Oral presentation of 1st term paper

Oct. 19& 21

Review of basics in Geological Oceanography

Oct. 26 & 28


Nov. 2 & 4

Tuesday- submit 2nd term paper topic in writing

Nov. 9 & 11


Nov. 16 & 18

Thursday- submit 2nd term paper outline

Nov. 23

No class on Thursday!

Nov. 30 & Dec. 2

oral presentation of 2nd term paper, Thursday- 2nd term paper due


Part I

Surface water


Subglacial lakes


Submarine groundwater

Water on Mars

Climate change and the hydrologic cycle

Dating of water

Remote sensing in hydrology

Field methods in hydrology


Part II

Chemistry of seawater

Field Methods for heat flow measurements

Thermal Evolution of oceanic lithosphere

Estimating hydrothermal heat loss

Ridge crest: Hydrothermal circulation;

Black smokers; Diffuse flow

Off-Ridge hydrothermal circulation

Topography and circulation

Impact on water chemistry and climate